• AMT-USC Integrated Zero Trust Cyber Defense Solutions Hub

    Biometric ID Authentication-Behavioral user authentication-Malware-Enterprise NW Defense Engine-Instant Threat Communications-Cyber software Integration
  • Biometric Cross Domain ID Network/Gate Access Co-Developed with DARPA
    Strip fractal encyrption storage and Digital Seal- migration solution for all CAC system replacing PKI and Chips
  • Advanced enterprise network global security and threat intelligence platform
    To every end point. Combining discovery, analytics, virtualization and immediate response.
  • Real Time Security Alert for Cyber Threats-Anomallies-Response
    Instant Secure TotalAlert NCA DoD Certified Communications - MetisAlert Campus Alerting-are DoD/CAP/IPAW certified

Fully Integrated into all AMT-USC Zero Trust Cyber solutions. CyberAlert fully integrated verified cyber real time alert messaging with GPS geo fencing IPAWS and CAP/DoD certified software with campus wide alerting Mesh Network deployment connecting to Security, Alarm, Fire, Digital Monitors, Satellite Phones, Giant Voice and via Electra-mechanical building, access and power generation system built by request of the US ARMY.  DISA, DoD, FEMA AND NATO certified.

AMT-USC QEC the worlds first Quantum Encrypted Communications software. Field tested globally with the Australian Defense Department is a Quantum message encryption message and communication process with Quantum Tunneling option or standard transmission vehicles to receiving un Quantum message or communication encryption for completely hacker or state sponsored hacker intercepts and decoding.


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Software Architects-offering custom security network, end point to Iot software development by AMT-USC. Offering Continuous VAPT, patch testing and analytics with optional advanced zero day/same day vulnerability reporting. Active Security Clearance: Top Secret /SCI | Nuclear Level 4, UA for development.

AMT-USC is partnered with WWT (World Wide Technologies) for full Integration and Innovation Lab testing or product lab demonstrations.

WWT is further partnered with AMT-USC to offer Federal Agencies product installation, training, support and managed services.WWT is a $12 billion a year VAR for the DoD and Commercial organizations supplier of state of the art hardware and software solutions. WWT is offering AMT-USC entire Identity Management, Communications and AI Advanced Engines. WWT and AMT further now offer "Quantumization" of software systems.


 AMT-USC + Aurora is a AI -1 Engine for Behavioral Analytics program that s a highly refined pattern detection platform.

It is focused on the ability to identify and map behavior quantitatively by measuring complex individual associations on a vast scale currently used by US INTELLIGENCE Agencies.

AMT-USC Titanium Tagmata An AI-2 engine for enterprise network all end point mapping, log and end point analysis with cyber defense real time anomaly detection.

Combining discovery, analytics, virtualization and immediate response.  

AMT-USC AI-3 Big Data Conduce is a vast endlessly exponentially big data absorption of data with customized lensing data custom selection of data capabilities for analytics real time.

This is a big data battle manager currently used by US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.



A Biometric Identity Management solution that we co-developed with DARPA under "Project Babylon"  offering cross domain, enterprise network/gate control user ID card wit 5 FBI 201.1/2 fingerprint security use with Iris and Facial. This allows for 5 fingerprint use for 5 different network and 5 different security level access.

This hyper-compression, chip-less passive technology holds as much information than existing chip, requires no PKI, it is replaced with the patented digital seal systems. This is Identity Management done the DARPA right way.

It was developed to be a CAC migration parallel technology.

Further offering CCA Composite Continuous Authentication created for the FBI for Identity Management measuring keyboard pressure, letter, words, phrases and sentences typed to create a complete template for user authentication and insider threat needs.




AMT Software

Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices. AMT-USC provides Secure Communication Software (Total Alert, Metis Alert, SafeKey and Shooter Detection), Cyber Security and Software Integration and development for:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Homeland Security
  • Schools
  • City
  • State
  • Corporation
  • Campus
  • Airport
  • Mall
  • Trade shows
  • Healthcare
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