AMT-USC and Phacil entrants in CyberQuest 2020

CyberQuest 2020

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AMT-USC with partner Phacil have the honor of being one of six selected participants for CyberQuest 2020 at Ft. Gordon. More exciting information as it develops.

AMT-USC Launches the worlds first patented trademarked "Integrated Zero Trust Cyber Solutions Hub" ™

AMT-USC Advanced Zero Trust Cyber Solutions

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Up to now, enterprises had to choose between acquiring cyber solutions from the major conglomerate software integrators or smaller ISV innovators. AMTUSC’ patented and trademarked Itegrated zero trust cyber solutions hub solves this dilemma by integrating the latest, innovative solutions from emerging software providers, allowing you to choose the best cyber tools for your environment. 

AMT-USC now has integrated the worlds firs zero trust cyber defense suite of solutions comprised of: 

Biometric ID Network/Gate Cross Domain User Access (Biometric access by cards, laptops, desktop and pads) with strip fractal encryption storage and Digital Seal (a migration cooperative  CAC designed in partnership with DARPA.

Plurilock from AMT-USC AI driven, bio-behavioral continuous multi-factor authentication assures user identity throughout their session and takes automatic remedial action within seconds.

AMT-USC + Tagmata: An advanced enterprise network global security and threat intelligence platform to every end point. Combining discovery, analytics, virtualization and immediate response. 

Integrated Secure Cyber Communications Alert Notifications by AMT-USC.

Software Architects-Application-Integration-Development-Cyber Hunt-Risk Analysis and Forensic analysis by AMT-USC.

Department of Defense Agencies, Security Agencies, Federal Agencies,  Healthcare, Transportation, Colleges and Commercial Businesses all need protection now. At AMT-USC we mitigate the risk for our clients. We secure your user authentication, secure your enterprise networks, and we secure your communications. In the world today, protection is of paramount importance. 

AMT-USC CEO and Chief Cyber Architect Hugh Douthit stated "We provide the leading edge in integrated zero trust enterprise security.
Our Executive leaders and staff experience offers the top experts in the field of Biometrics, Bio Presence Authentication, Malware, AI Defense Monitoring Enterprise Network continuous monitoring whit  DoD certified integrated Secure Instant tracked verified cyber alerts communications."

As demand for AppGuard’s zero trust endpoint protection technology grows, a new suite of Partners include AMT-USC LLC

SDVOSB AMT-USC LLC adds AppGuard Zero Trust End Point and Server Malware to the Zero Trust Cyber Solutions

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AppGuard’s Zero Trust approach to endpoint protection creates global demand and Fuel’s Global Expansion of partnership program has attracted AMT-USC LLC.

As demand for AppGuard’s zero trust endpoint protection technology grows, a new suite clients, resellers, and partners have signed agreements with AppGuard. AppGuard will leverage Carahsoft’s $4B+ government software distribution network to ensure continued global expansion.

New York, NY – August 1st, 2018 – AppGuard, Inc and Carahsoft Technology Corp. today announced a partnership making AppGuard’s leading zero trust endpoint protection solution available to Carahsoft’s entire public and partner reseller ecosystem.

This distribution partnership gives federal agencies direct access to AppGuard’s autonomous endpoint protection software. The simplicity of AppGuard’s technology allows customers to realize significant cost and time savings throughout their organizations and offer the leading endpoint breach prevention available in the industry. The zero trust solution prevents all non-policy conforming process at the kernel level, ensuring systems are protected again all known and unknown cybersecurity attacks.

Additionally AMT-USC, a service disabled certified DBE SDVOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) joined the AppGuard reseller program in July, 2018 adding AppGuard’s zero trust endopoint protection solution to it’s in depth integrated product set for all of it’s clients. With current customers already in place such as General Dynamics, Konica Minolta and Scottrade, AppGuard will continue expanding it’s customer base across numerous industry verticals. AMT-USC CEO Hugh Douthit stated “We are excited to add this leading autonomous endpoint protection technology to our suite of cutting edge security solutions. AppGuard will allow our customers to protect their endpoints, the first and most frequent point of attack, with the ability to prevent every and all breaches.”

AppGuard’s land and expand plan is global, partnering with VXpartners a London based GDPR consulting company for small and medium sized organizations. The introduction of the EU GDPR has been one of the most significant pieces of legislation to impact businesses. AppGuard’s simplicity helps ensure organizations data breach prevention measures comply without adding significant cost and overhead. Brad Collier, CEO of VXParters stated, “AppGuard’s truly autonomous endpoint protection solution provides our customers a critical tool to limit remediation costs stemming from the GDPR legislation.”

With growth, comes the need for leadership, AppGuard continues recruiting leaders across the cybersecurity industry to fuel expansion and maintain thought leadership within the industry. Neal Conlon is the most recent team member joining as Vice President of Business Development. Neal comes to AppGuard from Plurilock, a behavioral monitoring insider threat solution with clients including US ARMY NETCOM, DISA, and AVANGRID. Neal will lead the charge on managing global expansion through the US, Latin America, and Europe.

“I kept meeting CISO’s and CTO’s that had spent their cyber budgets and “detecting, deterring, and remediating the most recent breaches. The amount of effort and resources that has to go into a breach is what is fatiguing the enterprise. Prevention is always more cost effective and less risky then rolling the dice to wait for it to happen. Because it will.

I’m excited to be back in a service facing role where I can support and prevent

AMT-USC LLC now an authorized reseller in partnership with Plurilock.

Bio Presence-Insider threat-Software Architects Secure Communications

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AMT-USC LLC now an authorized reseller in partnership with Plurilock. AMT-SCU LLC officially announces the authorized U.S. sales of Plurilock’s BioTracker, “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation cybersecurity platform software, by AMT-USC and AMT sister companies.

AMT-USC CEO Hugh Douthit stated “We are excited to add this cutting edge “Bio Sensing” software combined with our Insider Risk methodology response to our “Defense in Depth” security solutions. When further combined with our existing Cyber Defense security software architected integrated solution offerings and TotalAlert, AMT-USC’s secure encrypted communications software this creates the first of its kind defense in depth integrated product set for all clients. This results in creating a paradigm shift in the current security market from cyber defensive client responses to an offensive defense.”

Plurilock’s AI-powered behavior-based platform distinguishes between authorized users and intruders by analyzing the unique behavioral patterns of authorized users and blocking access when unrecognized behavior occurs. Unlike traditional multifactor and CAC-based authentication, which provide only a single-point-in-time identity validation, Plurilock’s proof-of-presence software continuously authenticates users. After being installed, the software takes about 20 minutes to learn users’ keystroke style and speed, mouse use and other behaviors on laptops, desktops, and servers to create a profile. Using this information, Plurilock can then continuously validate that the current user is the authorized user, providing corporations and governments complete visibility into who, when and where users are on the network at all times. Plurilock’s software operates entirely in the background, requires no direct user interaction, and reduces the average breach detection time from more than six months to less than 30 seconds.

 “Data breaches will continue to rise in 2018, therefore, it is more important than ever to secure identity on the workstation. We are excited to be partnering with AMT-USC and have BioTracker sold along with AMT’s existing suite of products,” said Neal Conlon, Sales Director of Plurilock. “Leveraging artificial intelligence and behavioral biometrics in the workplace is efficient and creates a unique level of visibility for cyber strategy building, in addition to a dynamic layer of security for insider threat.”


In business since 1988 AMT has constantly lead security software development with DoD Satellite Based Image Processing 3D security software, RAID-5 security software technology, Healthcare suite solutions, Secure cloud viewing technology, Healthcare suite security software, Cloud security, PCI banking security software to the first Mass Notification secure communications software. AMT-USC now offers “Defense in Depth” software security “offensive” protection suite of cutting edge security software products. AMT is certified VOSB with the VA, NSA, DoD, NATO. AMT-USC now has over 1300 global security software installations. The company has been and is a continuous lead

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