AMT-USC Launches the worlds first patented trademarked "Integrated Zero Trust Cyber Solutions Hub" ™

AMT-USC Advanced Zero Trust Cyber Solutions

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Up to now, enterprises had to choose between acquiring cyber solutions from the major conglomerate software integrators or smaller ISV innovators. AMTUSC’ patented and trademarked Itegrated zero trust cyber solutions hub solves this dilemma by integrating the latest, innovative solutions from emerging software providers, allowing you to choose the best cyber tools for your environment. 

AMT-USC now has integrated the worlds firs zero trust cyber defense suite of solutions comprised of: 

Biometric ID Network/Gate Cross Domain User Access (Biometric access by cards, laptops, desktop and pads) with strip fractal encryption storage and Digital Seal (a migration cooperative  CAC designed in partnership with DARPA.

Plurilock from AMT-USC AI driven, bio-behavioral continuous multi-factor authentication assures user identity throughout their session and takes automatic remedial action within seconds.

AMT-USC + Tagmata: An advanced enterprise network global security and threat intelligence platform to every end point. Combining discovery, analytics, virtualization and immediate response. 

Integrated Secure Cyber Communications Alert Notifications by AMT-USC.

Software Architects-Application-Integration-Development-Cyber Hunt-Risk Analysis and Forensic analysis by AMT-USC.

Department of Defense Agencies, Security Agencies, Federal Agencies,  Healthcare, Transportation, Colleges and Commercial Businesses all need protection now. At AMT-USC we mitigate the risk for our clients. We secure your user authentication, secure your enterprise networks, and we secure your communications. In the world today, protection is of paramount importance. 

AMT-USC CEO and Chief Cyber Architect Hugh Douthit stated "We provide the leading edge in integrated zero trust enterprise security.
Our Executive leaders and staff experience offers the top experts in the field of Biometrics, Bio Presence Authentication, Malware, AI Defense Monitoring Enterprise Network continuous monitoring whit  DoD certified integrated Secure Instant tracked verified cyber alerts communications."

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