AMT-USC Solutions are White House Presidential Directive National Defense Needs

AMT a sole proprietorship since 2011, Becoming AMT-USC LLC January 2017 

A certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SD-VOSB).

AMT-USC is a software creation innovation company OEM software development combined with a sales and marketing organization. 

In 2019 AMT-USC LLC, acquired IME, a sole proprietorship that added four Top Secret capacities for AMT-USC as a wholly owned subsidiary. In late 2019, AMT-USC acquired 49% of CSO-Cyber Solutions Operation, a NA-DBE-WOSB, a Native American Financially Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business. 

AMT has and continues to create breakthrough advanced edge solutions in ICAM Biometrics, Quantum Application Emulation Software, Quantum Emulation Hardware, Neural Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence software. 

The Commercial Industry worldwide with the Federal Agencies, have growing exponentially immediate needs for CAC replacement with True Multi Biometrics with the urgent needs for power of Quantum processing. AMT-USC provides the first integrated design of Quantum Application Emulation Software and Quantum Emulation servers, combined with Artificial and Neural Intelligence to improve needed network security issues, needs for faster processing with protected communications and big data issues protected by the worlds most advanced biometric all hardware continuous user authentication access. 

How can a small company create multi disciplined advanced technology solutions? 

This is how, our leaders for Software/Hardware Design and Product Development. They trained under Seymour Cray, further Trained under the father of FPGA  and trained under leaders in Quantum. 

This allowed for the our creation of HAL, the first AI computer, we developed the first FPGA, the first GPS satellite based mapping display system now called GIS, we created the first RAID 5 controller and software, the second generation of cloud viewers, we designed and launched one of the first independent scientific workstations and we created one of the first Emergency Alert Messaging Systems. 

Today we continue this innovation to create the some of the world's most advanced solutions. The only CAC cooperative replacement, DARPA co-developed certified Multi Biometric with Phraseology mapping for all Hardware continuous authentication user ICAM, deployed and proved under live fire, originally in the Afghanistan conflict, certified by Intel and Defense Agencies. 

We have created the world's first "certified by US Intel" set of Quantum Application Emulation software solutions with the fourth generation of Quantum Emulation servers taking that one step further, we are now partnering with Dell and HP, not stopping there, we created the world's first distributed massive parallel processing software for Quantum emulation servers and HPC arrays. We created the world's first quantum conversion gate software and the first quantum software processor-Obit and Obit2.

Every invention today came from a single mind or a small determined group. We don't think outside the box, we made a new box, with a new circle, triangle and patterns, to continue creating the next generation solutions. 

It is a new approach, it is don't replace what is there, you have invested millions in your infrastructure, instead protect it better, make communications more secure, make it more efficient and make it faster. Welcome to the world of AMT-USC, your new provider of advanced solutions.


On our video product solutions are on the YouTube Business Channel:

Mission Statement:

AMT-USC Mission is realizing the full potential of hybrid Quantum software and hardware solutions.

Vision Statement:

AMT’S vision is to become and continue to be the premier supplier of innovative leading quantum emulation software and hardware.

Quality and Service Management Policy:

AMT will exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering compliant "no fail" products.


                    Partnering with the best of best advanced IT MRA and managed support organizations

 Jacobs Engineering, Gunnison Consulting Group, Argus Technologies, Xalles, Microtech, MCG, Centcom Global, RG3X, Integra, and the Falcon Group allows for the best of the best of advanced managed services support, allowing you the customer to do what you do best, your primary mission or business.

NASA Chief Technologist stated:

"AMT-USC has created the most comprehensive integrated Biometrics with Quantum software and hardware solutions for the current perfect security storm that we have seen or has been presented to date to our review committee."

AMT-USC - We make Quantum Physics into Solutions

AMT-USC Employs leading Service Disabled Veteran technologists and is joint ventured with CSO LLC, a Native American DBE WOSB

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  • Principals

AMT-USC is a leading advanced creation innovation software solutions provider. AMT-USC is a State of Florida Diversity Certified DBE SD-VOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) Veterans Administration CVE certified.


AMT-USC products are DAPRA, DISA, FBI co-developed. GSA certified. HSPD12/PIV FBI NST and FIPS compliant. Federally SAM, SBA and D+B registered company.


AMT-USC products are listed on the all federal contract vehicles through our MRA channel partners. AMT-USC products are licensed for resale with our master distribution channel partners: Leidos, Jacobs, RG3X, OSAAVA, Integra and The Falcon Group.


AMT-USC is a DBE-SDVOSB providing solutions to the US Army-CENTCOM, DISA, FEMA, DoD, NATO, UN, Daimler-US, Mitsubishi, Scottrade, McCormick Place, General Dynamics, General Dynamics Land Systems, Motorola, Baylor Scott & White, Baptist Health Center, Mercy, Bayshore, Broward Health, UT Main, UT Dallas, the DoD, NATO, US Army National Guard and more. 

Our executives, board members and advisors grew Inacom Information Systems (now HP), founded and grew STG sold to ERDAS, founded Pace Technologies that was sold to HP. 


We are the world leaders in developing Quantum Application Emulation Software, Quantum operating systems, Quantum systems and Quantum Encrypted Communication software.


Founded October of 2011 as AMT, in January 2017 we became AMT-USC LLC.



Corporate offices located in Orlando, Florida (2021 headquarters and our 2nd Lab Testing facility will be in Tampa, FL) 

Federal Office-Virginia. Sales and Marketing-Tampa, FL. Enterprise Sales-Oklahoma City, OK.  Engineering Development offices Tampa, FL and Birmingham, AL.



Chief Executive Officer/President/Chief Cyber Architect 

Hugh Eric Douthit


Founding Partner, CEO/President of AMT-USC LLC. Directing a visionary software solutions company 

Driven from the complete security ecosystem understanding of current software solutions creating next generation over arching solutions needed today. A career history has that has included Software Design Architect, Director of Sales or Executive Staff positions with Materialize-Intelerad Medical Systems, Siemens, Inacom Information Systems (now HP), Satelco (now MCI), STG-Satellite Technologies Group, AIC and PACE. As founder of STG, designed and created one the first GIS/GPS mapping 3D display systems. Designer and creator of RAID 5 controller board and software technology while founder at AIC. Founder of PACE Technologies, co-creator of one of the first emergency alert software solutions. Now founder of AMT-USC. 30 years of executive, software design and engineering architect, executive, engineering sales management and successful entrepreneur.

Proudly served 4 years in the US Army under George Patton Jr., in the 2nd Armored “Hell on Wheels” division. Now a certified Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner. Executive Board Member with the USF Cyber Security Board-State of Florida, Invited to join OIE.

AMT-USC Active Board Members-Business Advisers: 

Chairman: Hugh Douthit 

Retired US Army Major General Kirk VollMecke

Rick Donnelly, Global VP of Sales, Commvault

Rick Inatome, Former CEO of Inacom Information Systems (now HP)

Deb Alderson, Board Advisor  









AMT Federal NAICS codes



511210 Software Publishers

541511 Custom Computer Software Programming Services

541519 Other Software Installation Services

541511 Custom Computer Software Programing

SIC Code 3669 Communications Equipment, not elsewhere classified

611420 Computer Software Training

518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services


541513-Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 

VA, DoD and NSA IC/ARC Approved Vendor


DISA + ISO Approved software solutions


ECA Certified with DoD encrypted level  communication