AppGuard End Point/Server Malware supplied by AMT-UCS

AMT-USC Presents "AppGuard" Zero Trust Malware End Point and Server Software part of the integrated Cyberhub protect and defend authentication defense solutions

Zero Trust

Our patented Inheritance Technology maintains the same level of guarding and isolation on any process spawned from a risky application - no matter how trustworthy they appear to be.
True Autonomy
Since our technology does not rely on detection and response, and instead prevents. No updates, no connection to a central server - reducing human error and workload for IT.

AppGuard is less than 1MB on the endpoint, takes just days to deploy, does not scan files, causes zero degradation of speed at the endpoint, and drastically reduces operating costs.

AppGuard prevents all non-policy conforming processes at the kernel level.
Up to 1 million new malware are released every day. We stop them all. AppGuard is the only solution that prevents breaches from both known and unknown cyber threats.
AppGuard’ s patented technology prevents viruses, file less malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other undetectable advanced threats.

AppGuard stops attacks at the initial stages and beyond without requiring detection of the attack, without disrupting the user experience, or degrading system performance. AppGuard has the lightest footprint in the Endpoint category - by a wide margin. It scales to over 100,000 endpoints and provides a central management architecture that is simple, elegant, and cloud efficient.
AppGuard generates valuable Indicators of Attack (IOA) alerts without a compromise occurring.
AppGuard is compatible with all Windows versions from XP to 10, standard and custom applications, typical system maintenance tools, and supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and above.
With AppGuard breaches are stopped before detonation.
AppGuard Monitors Behavior and Truly Prevents Zero-Day Malware
Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan coined the phrase “Trust But Verify.” We believe in the same strategy. AppGuard keeps an eye on ALL activities on your endpoint – regardless of whether they appear trustworthy.
AppGuard’s patented technology is the only security product in the marketplace that is currently undefeated by any kind of malware.
It doesn’t depend on detection methods.



The Insider Threat

An organization’s critical information assets (intellectual property, trade secret information, business strategies, etc.) are vulnerable to sabotage, loss, and theft by employees, trusted business partners, and contractors.

While the majority of attention is focused on the malicious and external threat posed by hackers, employees continue to be the biggest threat to organizations’ proprietary and regulated data (PHI, PII, PCI).
Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report claim 90% of all security events are caused by insiders.
Moreover, of those incidents caused by employees, trusted business partners, or contractors, 71% are unintentional.

Managing the Insider Risk

Managing the risks of IT sabotage, insider fraud, and theft of IP and trade secret information from trusted insiders through insider threat program development, internal investigations, and training and education.

Current or former employees, contractors, or business partners who has or had authorized access to an organization’s network, system, or data and has intentionally or unintentionally used that access to negatively affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s information or information systems.

Insider Threat Program

A formalized program that uses both technical and non-technical (organizational) controls to detect and prevent malicious and unintentional insider activity through the centralized integration and analysis of control output to identify potential concerns related to an organization’s information or information systems.

AMT-USC Insider Risk Service Offerings

Insider Risk Program Development-From inception to maturity, AMT-USC Inside Risk Advisors will lead your organization in building a risk-based, compliant, and efficient insider risk program designed to secure you information assets from sabotage, fraud, and theft.

Insider Risk Program Management-AMT-USC Inside Risk Advisors offers user activity monitoring and data loss prevention services for fully functional insider risk programs.

Investigations-We have the expertise to conduct internal investigations into cases of trade secret theft, economic and industrial espionage, breach of contract, and employee misconduct allegations.

Training and Education-Our insider threat training and awareness presentations are designed to educate your workforce on the threats facing your organization’s proprietary data, corporate policies governing information protection, insider threat indicators, and available reporting mechanisms.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Due Diligence-Your organization is only secure as its weakest link. Supply Chain Risk Assessments and Due Diligence Reports from Inside Risk Advisors will highlight information security vulnerabilities among your current and potential business partners.

OUR SOLITARY MISSION • At AMT-USC Inside Risk Advisors, our sole focus is to provide your organization with proven risk management solutions for the insider threat combined with our Defense in Depth mission allows us to leverage our expertise, technology, and passion against this insider threat, Authentication, Penn and Vulnerability Testing, White Hat, Red Teams with any needed software security integration integrated combined with secure encrypted communications taking you from Defensive to Offensive in your security protection.