A Biometric ID Co-Developed with DARPA            


The Biometric Security Defense System


1 Biometrics: 5-Fingerprint, Palm Print, Dual Iris, Facial and Foot with bone finger alignment 
2 Cross Domain 5 networks/5 security levels-one card 
3 Enterprise Network/Gate control. 
4 Barcode updated technology replacing magnetic strip and or card chip stores more data 
5 Bone Alignment verification with phrase use ID one pass  

The rise of the World’s first Truly Multi Biometric, CCA, AI and Quantum protected and network protection IDaM, ICAM One Card P5/P12 Cards from AMT-USC. Digital Seal Control by AMT-USC, officially ends the need for PKI by AMT-USC.

The AMT-USC USA-P5 uses a patented, dynamic command and control monitoring interpreter system that is unique to each user and safely located on a remote secure server.  It is HSPD12/PIV, FIPS, NIST, FBI and soon JWICS by the DIA and USAF. How big a solution cooperative advance is this? 3 patents in 26 countries say so.

The AMT-USC was developed cooperatively with DARPA under project Babylon with continued cooperative development with the CIA, FBI, HHS and DISA. Built and tested 2001-2003. Launched 2004, CCA enhanced in 2015. AI enhanced in 2017 and Quantum user data and card protected in 2018/2019. This is what our corporate phrase “No Compromise” means in action.

Purchased by the DoD for live deployment by the US Army in the Afghanistan War “Operation Endearing Freedom” 2006-2008, being successfully deployed in live fire and terrorist attacks FOB’s. Deployed by HHS with interfaced NERVS program with IRCT teams. Deployed by the CIA for the SCIF initiative. All successful uses of the worlds most advanced, One Badge Smart OneCard with full integrated CCA, AI learning and Quantum Encrypted User Data. Fully deploy-able and offering all end point user and network protection.

The Digital Seal (a updated version of the aged PKI/Token Technology) is contacted each time the user accesses the Internet and performs most of the functions described in this briefing, sharing some operations with the P5 applet installed on the user’s computer or smart phone. This then handshakes with CAC chip and PKI authentications if required by the customer or can be a pure Multi Biometric CCA, AI driven and Quantum User data protected and locked.

It is to be clearly noted here that there is no deployed system until the P5 and P12 from AMT-USC that seamlessly and continuously protects military or commercial networks from multiple threats, including credential sharing, credential theft, walk-away attacks, automated attacks using USB/rubber ducky/scripting, and/ or credential escalation or insider risk or external threats. That is until the arrival of the AMT-USC P12-ID Quantum AI “Smart OneCard” Identity Biometric.

The AMT-USC USA P12 CCA optional upgrade provides a dynamic AI  “risk-aware” re- authentication process that keeps working once the user is past the primary log-in reliance on the P5/P12 solution verses current CAC cards missed labeled by those calling biometric smart cards, use PIN's, passwords and deficient PKI with Tokens.  The P5 or P12 offers AI based learning SMART ONECARD. It learns the users processes, technology and activity use authentication needs and requirements.

P12 creates and then evaluates users against individual baseline personal profiles and has the ability to rapidly terminate detected intrusions including hard (full disconnect) or soft (redirection to allow a suspected intrusion to continue in a “sandbox” or “Honeypot” area for counterintelligence study. Both options leave no tell-tale signature that allows the unauthorized to circumvent the system.

Because a user might log in on different equipment and be subject to all or just a few of these CCA techniques, our system builds a "trust" record for each user and depending on equipment, location and prior history be monitored in multiple appropriate ways learning by AI on the card. The ability to identify normal behavior from anomalous behavior, and report or adapt policies for bad behavior is basic. All anomalous behavior, once detected, is monitored and reported.

This is what ICAM, IDaM and IDaTNM, is supposed to be. This is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC-The Innovation leader”



Field tested in Afghanistan at the National Civil Order Police training facility {ANCOP}. The tracking and forensics information provided by P5-ID resulted in the exposure and arrest of Taliban Agent. DoD ordered, US Army deployed. Installed under live-fire conditions, identified terrorist entry attempt-Saved American Life's.

Used at USMC United State Marine Corp, Air Wing in Buford. SC for perimeter gate access.

2009 - 2014 used as State of Florida FRAC {first responder credential}. Ability to function without network allowed EMA services to work even in catastrophic conditions.

2014 P5 ID was adopted for use by the Dept of Health and Human Services for it Incident Response and Coordination Team

P5-ID supports the NERVS QR- Code tracking and verification barcode for iPhone and Android devices.

2016 DISA DoDIN network approved. 

2017 Created a new DISA requested front end interface.

2018 Product testing with CENTCOM. 

2019 Signed MRA Agreements for managed services support of AMT-USC advanced product solutions with: Leidos, GD and Jacobs Engineering.

2019 Acquired Need2Know LLC, aka N2K, as a wholly owned AMT-USC LLC subsidiary.

2019 Released Quantum Application Emulation Encrypted Data Communications Software, QFPGA Software and Qbit software,

2019 Requested to submit paper, made final 12 cut to final group of 6 companies for testing of AMT Biometric OneCard for US Army Cyberquest 2020.

2019 Requested product presentation technical review from the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of the Air Force.

2019 Requested by the Pentagon to discuss with triple PHD lead Katherine Morse on Big Data issues.

2020 Released Electromagnetic Defense Software and Security Intelligent Seal Software.

2020 Signed as MRA partners: Integra, OSAAVA, RG3X, The Falcon Group, CSO, IME, SCO and H3 Solutions.

2020 Requested Quantum product solution presentation technical  from: Sandia Labs, DOE and to join OIE. 

2020 DoD, US Army, DIA and Sandia Labs requests for product testing.

2020 Created the third generation of Quantum Super Servers.

2020 Released Massive Parallel Processing, Quantum Hyper 100Tb Data Block Movement software, Quantum Networking in Optical Network software, Quantum Conversion Gate software and Quantum GPU/CPU server software.


This is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC-The Innovation leader”