Introducing QEC

Quantum Encrypted Communications 

The World First and Only Working Quantum Software 


“In a nutshell, we remove bits from bytes in each pass of compression and we've been able to solve the problem of the file overhead eating up what we've saved.”


We decompress totally without loss. Everybody has been trying to break this barrier, and we've found the way.


Best of all, because we operate on the bit level, we don't hit the entropy wall that prevents compression from exceeding a certain level. We can also create our own Quantum tunneling as we go. 


The military applications alone are significant.



This is a globally field tested and verified Quantum Encrypted Communications software. 

Due to Military requirements and foreign enemies, please inquire if you have interest. 

AMT-USC has signed the White House American Patriot Business Act.


AMT-USC QEC feature sheet:


AMT-USC Qbit Features


Qbit is a nonlinear encryption process for streaming or static data that literally removes bits from byte structures and can replace them in their original order and value, without data loss or adding to the original file size.


Qbit uses quantum superposition, entanglement, commutation and measurement principals ported to conventional software languages and methods to accomplish this.


Data transformed by Qbit is realistically a magnitude harder to crack than current systems because an attacker does not know what or how much data has been removed, or where.


A bitstream or file transformed by Qbit is not vulnerable to conventional attacks because the eliminated bits are not removed according to any specific recognizable pattern. This allows a Qbit transformed file or password to be reencrypted by any conventional process, such as AES.x for to conceal Qbit.


Qbit may be implemented in hardware.






  • Multi-modal (PCs, Cell phones, Tablets, standard Phones, Smartphone App, cellular panic devices, Giant Voice, …)
  • Multi-media (Text, Images, Video, Sound, Links, attachments…)
  • Virtual and Physical Alert Launch buttons and devices (Panic buttons)
  • Built-in ControlByWeb™, WebRelay™ module for interface with other alarm systems and building systems
  • Real-time alert history tracking with acknowledgements and data/time stamp
  • Multiple levels of system roles and privileges
  • Built-in Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) module for sending and receiving standards based alerts from and between other systems (National Severe Weather Alerts, Interface to alert beacons…)
  • Microsoft Azure Back-End Supported Mobile Applications Platform
  • Installation in two hours or less. No vendor onsite engineers required.
  • Standards and Certifications:
  • Air Force, Army, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) certified
  • NATO World-wide Certification-Total Alert is standards based.
  • Annual or perpetual Licensing
  • Now with media awareness capability, 4D building locate with geo-spatial GPS tracking and encrypted X-ray transmission with secure notification of results optional upgrades.